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Because you love your child

Welcome to The LOVE Diet

Babies seem to exist from a diet of LOVE alone.

A connection between receiving LOVE and physical nourishment from the mother is formed from conception.

Nature needs nurturing to reach its maximum intended potential.’

Dr Bruce Lipton

Author of “Biology of Belief”

Science has discovered preferences for certain tastes and nutrients are developed in the womb and come through breast milk, making a mothers' eating habits a vital factor influencing a child's future food choices.  A mother's diet right before pregnancy can also alter baby's genes if deficiencies are present.

Studies have also concluded that a young child's diet forms the foundations of their future resilience against the development of major illnesses such as diabetes, cancers and heart disease. 

'In my research I came upon studies about childhood imprinting.  Flavours in a mother's milk ... shape a baby's later food preferences... during weaning - what psychologist call the ..."critical" period - a child starts to store specific powerful thoughts and associations about food based on what the child eats as well as watching what other people eat, especially the mother.  This imprint, according to psychologists, is almost irreversible; later events have little or no effect on a child's preference for food.'

Victoria Boutenko

From "The Green Smoothie Prescription"

So there's a few questions we might ask ourselves as mother's or mother's to be ...

How are my own dietary choices affecting (or going to affect) my baby's future health? 

How well am I nourishing my baby?

How healthy is my diet really? 

With so much information now available it's sometimes hard to know exactly WHAT IS A HEALTHY DIET?

It is clearly evident by our body shapes, hands, teeth, internal organs and their digestive capacities etc that humans are a frugivore species similar to other primates making a plant derived, fruit based diet a naturally appealing, biologically suited diet.

Even with the above logic man and science continues to ponder the ideal diet but luckily two important aspect health authorities do agree is we should EAT MORE FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES and ELIMINATE (OR SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE) ANIMAL PRODUCTS.  

"The scientific evidence is now clear that a plant based diet means optimal health, and sooner young people are started on this diet, the better."

T. Colin Cambell, Ph.D.

Cornell University - Author of  "The China Study"

Choosing an alkalising, hydrating, nutritive rich diet that builds immunity and prevents health issues to start with makes far more sense then relying on medications - even natural ones - to treat diseases, infections or learning difficulties in the years to come.

Introducing The L.O.V.E. Diet ...


ow/er fat, 



nzyme rich


is a simple guide parents can follow when selecting foods for themselves or first foods for their children to establish truely healthy habits from the start of their lives. 

Here at The LOVE Diet parents food choices are first and foremost because of their fundamental importance to health, but there are other important ways we naturally nourish and LOVE our young children too.

"Being touched and caressed, being massaged, is (also) food for the infant; food as necessary as minerals, vitamins and proteins...the name of which is LOVE."

Dr Frederick Leboyer

French Obstetrician and Author of 'Birth Without Violence'

Changing, bathing and putting a baby to sleep are parenting activities or ‘Nurturing Arts’ that naturally flow from feeding times and are opportunities to further nourish and convey affection for our child. Offering loving massage strokes or a heart felt song enriches a child's sensory experience with extra warmth and sweetness.

Research keeps confirming the measurable impact these simple nurturing acts not only have on a child's physical health but their mental and emotional growth.

'Love and touch cause your child’s brain to grow.’

Marian Diamond  

Neuroscientist and Author of “How to Nurture Your Child’s Intelligence, Creativity and Healthy Emotions from Birth”

‘A mother’s voice provides an acoustic link from pre-natal to post natal life and … (the) vibration provides multi-sensory stimulation affecting not only the body but also neuro-chemistry and emotions.’

Sally Goddard Blythe

Author of "The Well Balanced Child"

Conveying compassion in everything we do keeps us healthier and happier.  Did you know our emotions have an effect on our physical bodies chemistry?  And the good news is ... LOVE IS ALKALINISING!

At The LOVE Diet I offer nutrition coaching and Plant Powered Parent and Child workshops to help keep your family well nourished and totally LOVED <3 

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